Osteopathic Consultations

An Osteopathic and Vibrational Medicine Perspective

Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic Medicine was founded over 100 years ago by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still as a new system of medicine with a separate philosophy.  At that time, the allopathic profession (M.D.) was evolving as a disease fighting approach to medical care, using medicines and surgeries as its weapons, while osteopathy (D.O.) took a health restoration approach.

Dr. Still recognized that medications and surgeries saved lives but found they were often overused, or used prematurely, or resulted in harmful side effects.  His medical philosophy, which became known as OSTEOPATHY, professed these basic tenets:

The body has an innate desire to heal itself unless blocked from doing so.  Find and release the blockages and the body will heal.

Structural blockages, (i.e. tightness in the muscles and connective tissues along with hyper-sensitized  nerves),  can affect the function of the body.  Treat the structure to restore normal function.

The body has within itself its own pharmacy for healing.  Unlock the pharmacy.

The role of the physician is to find the health in the patient.

We are a triune of body, mind and spirit.  Restrictions and resistances can occur at any or all levels.

After all efforts to identify and release blockages have failed, then and only then should medications or surgery be administered.

Most physicians evaluating a musculoskeletal pain problem such as low back pain,  perform standard medical, orthopedic, and neurological exams, as well as order necessary testing. Treatment typically consists of prescription medications, injections, surgery, or referral for physical therapy. As an Osteopathic Physician (DO), I add an osteopathic structural evaluation which will usually reveal the underlying cause of the pain. SOMATIC DYSFUNCTION is the medical term that describes areas of impaired function or movement of the muscles, nerves or connective tissues. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is used to release the restrictions and resolve the pain.

When OMT is indicated for a patient, I use one or more of the following osteopathic treatment modalities depending on the body’s need;  MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, MUSCLE ENERGY, CRANIAL/SACRAL TREATMENT,  HVLA, and/or  ARTICULATORY TECHNIQUES.

My practice is rather unique in the fact that I also work structurally and energetically with the organs of the body (which is called VISCERAL MANIPULATION). Muscles and connective tissues may become restricted in or around any of the organs of the body causing them to malfunction. Treatment of these  restrictions allow the organs  to return to normal function which then  improves flow of blood, nutrients, energy, hormones, nerves, as well as immune system. This approach corrects many gastrointestinal, urinary tract and respiratory problems.

CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY deals with the very deep inherent rhythmic motions of the body. The whole physical body, including the organs, is constantly expanding and contracting. This movement is very subtle and cannot be seen but can be palpated and measured. Restrictions in this rhythm can be identified at various locations in the body and can then be treated.

A small step beyond the body’s cranial rhythm leads to the energetic vibrational rhythms of the body. Dr. Robert  Fulford was a well -respected D.O. (see Dr. Andrew Weil’s book Spontaneous Healing) who mentored me on the use of vibratory techniques to unlock energetic blockages.

Patient communication is very important. Getting to know each patient, their problems and their health status leads to identifying the underlying causes of their problem and aids in tailoring a treatment plan fitting the patient’s needs, abilities and desires. Counseling and education allows patients to better understand their situation and empowers them to take restorative action.

Modern medicine embraces science and scientific method but leaves the patient’s overall perspective on life and their relationship to God (their spirituality) in the hands of religion. Dr. Still did not believe you can separate the two.  He was very interested in medical science and was extremely well versed in anatomical science but he sincerely believed that God did the healing and we physicians are used as His instrument. My many years in practice have confirmed this for me.

To understand vibrational energetics and how it integrates with Osteopathic Medicine, see the section on VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE.