Osteopathic Consultations

An Osteopathic and Vibrational Medicine Perspective

Vibrational Medicine

In 1988, Richard Garber M.D. popularized the term Vibrational Medicine in his book by the same name.  He describes how all matter is composed of vibrating energy and discusses various modalities used to correct energy imbalances.  The most common include Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (over 2000 years old), Homeopathy (over 100 years old), and Therapeutic Touch (more recent).

My practice is a blend of particular vibrational techniques into what I call VIBRATIONAL ENERGETICS. Here are some of the modalities that I often use:

  1. As an extension of cranial osteopathy, working with energetic rhythms and flows going up, down, and around the body, allows key imbalances to be identified and treated.
  2. A percussion vibrator is often used at specific vibrating frequencies to release energetic distortion patterns.
  3. Gentle rhythmic rocking of particular areas of the body  is used to release restrictions.
  4. Low-level laser light therapy consists of directing a very low intensity beam of laser light (set at a certain wavelength and frequency) to stimulate cell and tissue revitalization.
  5. Although trained in Medical Acupuncture, I choose to use my hands instead of acupuncture needles to restore energy flow through the meridians.  The 12 major meridians are named after the organs through which they flow.  Visceral Manipulation restores normal energy flow through the organ and its meridian, and at the same time unlocks structural blockages.
  6. Our thoughts and emotions are subtle forms of energy.  They can be of high vibration which tends to be expansive, freeing, and healing, or they can be of low vibrations which can be constrictive, obstructive and damaging.  Counseling / Education helps patients become aware of their vibrations and how it is affecting their bodies.
  7. Homeopathic remedies, including Bach Flower Essences, work energetically on specific emotional and physical blockages. Using these remedies can help “lift” the heavy emotion so the patient can work through it.
  8. Bioenergetic testing can be helpful in identifying particular substances, emotions, or thoughts adversely affecting the body.  Sensing techniques such as cranial rhythmic impulse palpation and electrodermal testing are very helpful.
  9. Energy vibrations can be distorted at the physical level (body), the mental/emotional level (mind) or at the life perspective level (spirit). As an example, FEAR is a lower vibrational emotion (mind), which causes tension and restrictions at the physical level (body) but also hinders our freedom to enjoy life (spirit). Helping patients shift out of lower vibration patterns improves the vibrational energy at all 3 levels.

Vibrational Energetic techniques combined with Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment has helped many patients achieve greater health, happiness and harmony in their lives.